Daily Devotional

A God Who Sees

I have been so lost that I became certain God no longer saw me. I've experienced fears so immense and disappointments so deep that I've cried out in terror, "Where are You?" and then in anger, "Where are You!" The unanswered prayers. The silence. The sickness and loss. I have felt invisible to God.

But how I feel is not the truest thing, in the end. Because through it all, from the very first moment I started to feel lost, He saw me. He pursued me. Perhaps He was making His way toward me even as I resented His absence, but I just didn't know it. Sometimes we have to cling to what we know above what we can feel. And according to the Bible, what we can know for sure is that God is a God who sees. He sees me. He sees you. He sees everything. While we are trying desperately to get His attention, trying everything we can think of to make Him just "Look, Father, look!" He is already on His way to find us.

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